Kind to your body, kind to the planet.

Our mission is to create high quality garments in the most responsible and ethical way. We therefore integrate sustainability into everything we do, how we work and what materials we use.

At The Wellness Club we work closely with our suppliers to source only the best environmentally friendly materials, produced in ways that do not harm people, animals or our environment. We take our time in selecting suppliers that not only were sustainable for our planet but also offered high quality, long-lasting materials that feel amazing on your skin.

Recycled Polyester has been developed using an eco-friendly green fibre to assist in reducing the excess waste issues that we are facing in the world today. The Polyester fibre is made from the recycling of discarded plastic bottles that were destined for landfill and potentially our waterways/oceans.

Every garment is shipped in biodegradable poly bags.

What are they made of?
Don't be fooled, these look like plastic, but they are far from it. These garment poly bags are made from mainly corn starch and PBAT (a compostable ingredient which bonds the renewable ingredients together).

How do we compost them?
To compost them at home, it’s best to remove any labels, cut them up and place in your compost bin. These will completely break down within 90-120 days in a home-compostable environment - sometimes even sooner!

What happens if they end up in landfill?
The best part is that they still break down (with no waste and no methane production) in landfill. It takes about 2 years for these bags to breakdown. In contrast, traditional plastic bags take 400 years or more to break down and release deadly methane gas into the atmosphere

We use biodegradable and compostable satchels from the companies Hero Packaging and Heaps Good Packaging.

When it comes to production and shipping, we are proud to say that all materials used are 100% sustainable. Our thank you cards, white tissue and logo stickers are also made from 100% recycled paper which ensures we are leaving a positive impact on the environment.